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Dispassionate Convictions by AGH & JWCM

by AGH

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This track is a collaboration between Adam G Holofcener (words/vox) and John McCartin (synths) in response to the guilty verdict in the 4th trial of Keith Davis Jr. in Baltimore, MD.

#FreeKeithDavisJr - Help Keith come home debt free!:

Please give money directly to the fundraiser link above (paying money through Bandcamp to us to transfer over to the fundraiser will not actually create any meaningful revenue given how Bandcamp calculates the artist's share of digital sales).


Always had a tough time with those in my profession
They always gave me something with which I need to wrestle

I was told in my head that I needed passion
While the others knew they needed dispassion

To be An officer of the court, woman in a white hat
A creature who sought comforts and order and all that

I see her at the pool reposing in neon
While he sits in a cell with not much to lean on

It’s amazing that those with no conviction at all
Can seek the conviction of those with such small

Reservoirs of power or privilege or rank
Who come to the table effectively blank

Ready to be consumed by a void
Whose kinetic potential is never devoid

Of all the force and focus and strength
To keep coming with farce to go any length

To prove entropy wrong, make solid the base
Who will not abide under any regime other than race

Adversarial systems carceral states,
where hard work and gumption go on to break

Any notion of fairness or reasonable doubt
or guilt as an option from within or without

For it was said at the start what a shame it would be
To lock up the Innocent we’d rather the guilty go free

But the inverse is true and always has been
that to live and be free is only to win

And accrue and to fear all the unknown
when most is unknown that its been shown

How can we judge and throw away real
human beings based on whims and waves of zeal

Of false resolution and limited sight
while suffering with suffragists deep in the night

If tries one through three were of no use
It’s of no concern Cause you want to not know the truth


released August 9, 2019


all rights reserved


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